Maybe Alien Embroidered French Terry Ladies' Sweatshirt - Black and White

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Maybe Alien Ladies' Vintage Style Sweatshirt - Black and White

In a world of secrets you never truly know who is and who isn't an alien. Like, you've got neighbors, right? But what if when your neighbors go to sleep at night it's in a large ooze-filled cocoon tucked away in the darkest corner of their attic.

Or, like, some sort of burrow beneath your house, ya know? 


Might as well put everyone at ease, or blend in, or, like, be an alien, maybe, with this sweet, vintage-inspired sweatshirt.

Sweatshirt specs:

9.5 oz., 50/50 cotton/polyester, short-sleeved vintage-style hoodie.

Embroidered mid-chest using a bright white thread so as to be seen from space.

Strange Planet Ladies' Sizing Chart for Alternative Apparel 5066 Maybe Alien Embroidered Sweatshirt